Economic and social baccalaureate

Fine Art - Beaux Arts of Rennes-First year


Design Academy of Eindhoven-  4years Bachelor



2016 - Agency Univers- urbanism and lanscaping ( 1 week )

09/2021-02/2022 Inland- centro de acercamiento al rural- Madrid

10/2021-02/2022 Studio Lucas Munoz Munoz - furniture and product Design




Dutch Design Week 
Material Makes Sense


Dutch Design Week

Project Potato Shard exhibited at Graduation Show

Project Vertical exhibited at Kazerne  


Material District Utrecht

Lann Gourlae - Langrolay (35)

Potato Shard,
Graduation book -Design Academy Eindhoven 2023
Potato Shard
Material District Utrecht- Exhibition Booklet -2023
Potato Shard
Dutch Design Daily 

Dance experience

Videoclip “Regrets” Jeanne Bonjour - 2023
Videoclip “Juste Dedans” Piscine d’Hotel -2023

I’m Coline, 23 years old , French and graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands

Interested by narratives and storytellings, I like to dig landscapes and search for the hidden to highlight the beauty of the daily invisible .

Often using the body as a tool,  I try to create a bond between Human and Nature.

The ground, is a central point in my work, where I cultivate and nourish my fascination, from a rock old from million years to a recent piece of scrap, the soil absorb the present to keep a trace of his past.

In my practice I learned to work with ceramic and metal crafts, but I appreciate other mediums such as performance, illustration, videomaking... and many others.