Geology of the senses

As one of the oldest natural material present in our environment, rocks are witnesses of distant centuries, vastly here after our human lifes, however
we tend to perceive it only as an inanimate cold matter.

Through their practice, geologists often need their taste to identify rock classification.

By crunching them or giving them a lick, rocks textures and taste are revealing their sand, clay or salt compositions.

Subtly disclosing information regarding their past akin to key pillars of the environment which formed them

This tasting technique can appear primeval and offset with scientists methods but it is somewhat reminiscent of infants’s instinct : understanding the world by bringing it to their mouth.

Taking inspiration from this geological approach, this tasting experience aims to unsettle our static and inflexible perception of these natural elements.

Specifically focusing on the sedimentary family, each rocks involved in the installation are accompanied by an utensil according to their friability, to extract matter.

This gesture, of grinding, scratching or chiseling, initiates a ritual between the rock and the human, and by engaging taste towards rocks, invites us to experience a new facet of it by living it up through our senses.