In the loving memory of Eindhoven’s street scenery

Intervention in the public space on the lost buildings of Eindhoven, destroyed during WW2 and in the 60’s by a municipality council decision.

The starting point of this group project was the fact that most people think that Eindhoven is a cold and impersonal city that had been constructed recently, with not a lot of history.

Our aim through this installation is to bring up the hidden heritage of Eindhoven, to show how the city’s street scenery changed over time.

Each block represents a building that used to stand somewhere in the city and contains the memories of someone related to this place. Instead of removing the memory by destroying a building, we reveal it through the act of destruction. This cemetery of buildings allows you to remember the connection people use to have with the buildings, through the testimonies that rest in the tombstones.

By the higlight of these memories, we try to perpetuate the duty of memory.

For an instant they go back to life to pay tribute to this lost history, it can then open a dialog and raise awareness on the visibilty and invisibility of the past in our environment.