Reed boat

Hunter/Gatherer collective project with Paloma Bouhana during the 3rd year Design Academy of Eindhoven

Exploring for a day the swamp area of Muidenberg (NL), to help and learn from Wouter, the last reed collector in the Netherlands.

Glimpse of a slow and physical labour,nowadays disappearing

After collecting the material, we translated our interpration of the process into a project.

The swamp is an essential environment for quantity of birds nesting during spring period, they need calm and so cannot be disturb by human activity and more precisly motor boat during those 4 weeks. 
We wanted to build something that would of be silently capable to go back to the swamp, its origin location.

Taking inspiration from the ancient egyptian and south american reed boat, usually made by fishermans consisting of bundles assemblage, we tried to give it a dutch interpratation, into our nowaday modern society, creating a primitive boat, silently flowing on the waters of its origin.