Collaborative project with Eleni Iannidou around the creation of a dining experience: from designing and producing the tableware in ceramic, to the conceptualisation and cooking of the 7 dishes.

Eaters are actors in the process, without any guidance they interact intuitively with the tower to nourish themself. Creating gestures and movements that will result in a unique ritual.

The concept behind each dish and their sequence also follows the vertical notion. The first dishes are made out of ingredients you can find on trees, moving downwards to bushes, small plants and ending with roots (ground foods). It resembles the human diet through-out the years starting as gatherers, hunters and then cultivators. Each dish contains mainly seasonal ingredients.

The tablewear creates a totem-like shape where the food is ‘hidden’. Therefore the guests have to discover it themselves as they go along, desconstructing it piece by piece. There are no rules on how to use the tablewear or eat the food that’s inside, it is up to the guests to create their own gestures and movements that will result in a unique ritual
dining experience.